Details of the services provided at Morachi Chincholi

You can plan family tours and school / colleges, NCC picnics.

Peacocks habitat side scenes at Morachi Chincholi, information on cultivation and horticulture followed by farmers
at our village.

• Delicious made food serving

• Details on near by special attractions like Pot holes at Nighoj, and many more.

• You can purchase Jwari, Bajra, Wheat, Custered Apple and seasonal vegetables also.

• In depth information about Morachi Chincholi culture

• Ancestors, thorough knowledge of farming with modern concepts

• Various new perceptions implementation in cultivation.

Our Website you will get all updated information about “Morachi Chincholi”
Chincholi Morachi which is very beautiful town and untouched beauty of nature.

This town is pollution free and very much near to Pune city, so that you can plan your week-end trips to here.

We serve only vegetarian food at our home. You and your loving ones are always welcome at our small home. You can even plan for over night stay to experience the rural life closely.

” चिंचोली मोराचीत” आपले स्वागत

हि वाट जवळ नेते ....स्वप्नामधील गावा ....
खरेच आहे .. आपले हि गावाकडचे घर असावे
ते आपल्या मातीशी जोडणारे असते
आता आपली वाट बघणे संपले कारण हे वाट खरेच
जाते आपल्या स्वप्नामधील गावाला ते गाव आहे
“चिंचोली मोराची”

खरेच आहे आज पर्यन्तचे आयुष्य
कष्टातच गेले ....आधी शिक्षण ,नोकरी,व्यावसाय
यातच गुर्फटून गेलं होतं ....
सव मिळूनही काहीतरी उणीव भासे ....
म्हणूनच आता वेळ आली आहे.
खेडेगावतील निसर्गरम्य अनुभव घेण्याची....
हा विसावा आहे .

Enjoy Village life