About Morachi Chincholi

img78 Main source of income for Chincholi Morachi villagers is farming , complete economy of villagers depends on farming which is on the oath of rain. Main horticulture products are Jawar, Bajara, Wheat, Onion and green vegetables. So best time to visit Morachi Chincholi falls from June to December end. From couple of years, Government has started providing funds for improvement of this rural area, which has changed
outlook of our village . Here now, villagers get clean now, villagers get clean drinking water, which is fetched and served from one small reservoir built in
drought of 1972. Tar roads are laid now in the village, which has helped us for better transportation of goods to near by cities.
Children from Morachi Chincholi can take education
upto 07th standard at our Zilha Parishad school and for HSC, they have to complete their schooling from
Kanhur Mesai, which is 3KMs from this village. In
Chincholi Morachi,there is one Agriculture college has
started recently , approved by Mahatma Phule
University, Rahuri.
In Chincholi Morachi , There are multiple locations where our villagers resides like ‘khatkali ‘, ‘Patil Mala‘, Thorle Mala‘, ‘Mahanubhav wasti‘ & ‘Khatkali wasti‘. In
Morachi Chincholi, there is majority of villagers named Nanekar along with that, Thopate, Dhumaal, Ukirde are also there, but they are few in numbers.
 img90 You to celebrate your weekend at our small town Morachi Chincholi. I am sure, its going to be new experience for you to get in rural village which is untouched beauty. Here main attraction is Peacocks. Right now as monsoon season is going on, you’ll surely get glimpse of so many dancing peacocks pair. you are getting one full package of enjoyment from
Mother nature,rainy season, spicy joonka+bhakri, with some delicious pakodas, and whole lot of fun with your loving ones. It’ll be going to be big surprise for your loving ones, who will never forget this trip for life time. Our life demands some peace of mind, relaxing
time with our family members / friends, and some natural beauty which we most of the time, miss in city. Don’t miss this on monsoon, otherwise you  might have to wait till next monsoon. As a representative of Thopate family, I am inviting you atour small home, which is waiting for you on coming weekends.
Morachi Chincholi village, you’ll find multiple God and Godesses temples spread all over.Shri Khandoba Rai – Outside the entrance, located near ‘Lalayi tree’, its villagers’ faith, not superstation, that this God is replica of Khanderai from Jejuri fort.
Shri Laxmi Kanteshwar – On the shore of ‘ Kamaini ‘ water resource
Shri Hanuman – Specialty about this God in our village is, its located inside the village near to the entrance of Chincholi Morachi, whereas temple of this God is generally found outside of the entrance of any village.
Mauje Morachi Chincholi gavatil veshi baheril ‘Khandoba‘ mandiratil ‘Khanderai‘ he jagrit devsthan asun, ha  khanderai Jejuri gadavarilach devsthan ahe. Khup varshanpurvi Morachi Chincholi gavatil Nanekar hya kutumbatil ek mahan sevak dar varshi ‘Paush Paurnimela‘ jejuris darshanas jaat ase. Jya pramane varkari sampradayache varkari Alandi- Pandharpur chi paayi waari kartat, tyach pramane ha mahan purush Jejuri chi paayi vaari nishkaam bhavanene karat ase.Jyapramane Pandharicha vithobala Pundalikasathi chandrabhagetiri vitewar athhavis yuganpasun ubha ahe, tyach pramane ha Nanekar warkari vrudhh zalyavar,tyas paayi chalvena. Tenvha tyala prashn padla ki mi Khanderayachi kashi seva karu? Pan Jejurichya khanderayane tyala sangitle tu ata majhya kade ala ahes na, mag aata tu maghe ghari jatana tujhya barobar yeyil, pan chalat astana maghe pahu nakos,hi ekach at. Jya thikani tu maghe pahashil,mi tyach thikani thambel.

Tyanusar tya doghancha pravas suru zaala, Morachi Chincholi gavachya veshiparyant aalyavar, tya vrudhh
manushyala watale ki, dev aaplya barobar kharach aala ahe ki nahi te baghave, aani tyane maghe pahie! Ani Khanderai veshibaherach thambla.

Hya khanderayachi dar varshi ‘Paush paurnimela‘ aani ‘Maagh Paurnimela‘ mothi yaatra bharte. Margashishmahinyat ‘Saptah‘ sudhha hoto. Tevha akhand harinaamacha gajar chalto.

Yatrechya divashi, Khanderayala abhyang snan ghalun dev palkhitun wajat ghajat gavatun mirvanuk kadhatat. Ratri phatakhyanchi aatish baaji hote. Kustyancha hangam bharto. Ratricha Tamasha ha karmanukisathi gavakaryansathi tharvalela asto.

Shahraat kaama nimitt gelele lok, darshanasathi yatrechya divashi aavarjun yetat. Gavatil log daroraj na chukta devachi diva batti swetchene kartat.

Khandobachya navane chang bhal