हुरडा पार्टी चालू आहे

Morachi Chincholi is theheaven of greenery and the place where National bird,Peacock resides.One can see dancing peacocks only from June to December every year,as in rainy & winter are favorite for them. Facility for Tractor/Bullock Cart to enjoy the various outdoor activities,total drip irrigation for mango and custard apple,swings in field, Diesel engine, farmer’s tools for cultivation.
  MTDC and ATDC has approved it as Peacock sanctuary for tourist location
, it has helped to improve the economic condition of villagers ultimately Chincholi Morachi itself. In
this small village, you will find unity in all which helped in improvement of village.Contribution from
every entity is appreciable. Our village is good example of ‘Gram swatchata abhiyaan‘ started by Central

You can also get following facilities at Chincholi Morachi, if you are planning for Stay on Weekends.

• Schools and organizations can arrange their NCC & RSP camps, picnic.

• Camping and tent services available in Morachi Chincholi

• Take the advantage of Natural silence for Meditation to improve your spiritual power.

• Plenty of open space for Outdoor Games

• Enjoy seasonal fruits’ voyage like, sweet mangoes and bananas, yummy tamarind and custard apple.

• Go for rural ride of farm rides on tractor or bullock carts.

• Hurda Parties, Chulivarchya Bhakri, Zoonka in chilled winter season at Morachi Chincholi of every year with bonfires.

” चिंचोली मोराचीत” आपले स्वागत

हि वाट जवळ नेते ....स्वप्नामधील गावा ....
खरेच आहे .. आपले हि गावाकडचे घर असावे
ते आपल्या मातीशी जोडणारे असते
आता आपली वाट बघणे संपले कारण हे वाट खरेच
जाते आपल्या स्वप्नामधील गावाला ते गाव आहे
“चिंचोली मोराची”

खरेच आहे आज पर्यन्तचे आयुष्य
कष्टातच गेले ....आधी शिक्षण ,नोकरी,व्यावसाय
यातच गुर्फटून गेलं होतं ....
सव मिळूनही काहीतरी उणीव भासे ....
म्हणूनच आता वेळ आली आहे.
खेडेगावतील निसर्गरम्य अनुभव घेण्याची....
हा विसावा आहे .

Enjoy Village life